• Be sure to follow the enlisted care instructions to ensure you get the most from your better purchase! 
The Better Way... Hand Wash! 
  • We recommend that you hand wash your garment in lukewarm water with a mild detergent and then air dry. Please do not dry in a dryer, it may ruin the garment. Drip dry, do not wring out.
  • To remove bloodstains, simply soak your garment in a basin of cool water mixed with a mild detergent and a teaspoon of peroxide.

 NO Washing Machine! 

 No tumble drying! Even a low heat setting damages the stretch properties of your garment.

 Please take notes!

  • Have a second option!

    If you have girdles that you like to wear daily, Please! get a break, the latex needs to rest in order to maintain its functionality, so we recommend that you not wear the same garment more than two days.

  • Latex!