After undergoing aesthetic surgery, proper postoperative care plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Among the various tools available, compression garments have gained significant recognition for their positive impact on postoperative healing. At BST Medical Supply we promote compression as our very best ally, so we will explore why using compression garments is essential for optimal recovery after aesthetic surgery.


1. Accelerated Healing and Reduced Swelling: The use of compression garments postoperatively promotes accelerated healing and reduces swelling. By applying gentle pressure to the treated area, these garments help to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This, in turn, aids in the removal of excess fluid and minimizes postoperative swelling, allowing for a faster recovery.


2. Enhanced Comfort and Support: Compression garments provide an additional layer of comfort and support during the recovery period. These garments are designed to contour to the body, providing gentle compression and support to the surgical site. This support not only reduces discomfort but also helps to minimize the risk of postoperative complications, such as seroma formation or tissue trauma.


3. Improved Scar Healing: Compression garments have been shown to have a positive effect on scar healing. By exerting uniform pressure on the incision site, they help to flatten and soften the scar tissue. This can result in a less visible scar and improved overall aesthetic outcome.


4. Minimized Bruising and Discoloration: Bruising and discoloration are common after aesthetic surgery. Compression garments aid in reducing the severity and duration of bruising by minimizing blood pooling and promoting faster absorption of blood cells. This can help patients feel more confident and resume their daily activities sooner.


5. Psychological and Emotional Support: Wearing compression garments can provide psychological and emotional support during the postoperative recovery phase. These garments offer a sense of security and reassurance, promoting a positive mindset and helping patients feel more confident and comfortable throughout their healing journey.

The use of compression garments in postoperative recovery for aesthetic surgery offers numerous benefits. From accelerated healing and reduced swelling to enhanced comfort and support, these garments play a crucial role in optimizing the recovery process. By incorporating compression garments into postoperative care, patients can experience a smoother and more satisfying recovery.

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